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gunbrooke-blackwhitefiltered2aMy name is Gun (yes, really!) Brooke and I’m a author of lesbian romance and science fiction novels. My publisher is Bold Strokes Books, located in Johnsonville, NY, I’ve worked with them since December 2004, which has been a wonderful experience since day one. Now, eleven books later and several short stories in anthologies, as well as book covers for myself and others, I’m still as in awe of my own good fortune as I was when I signed that first contract.




The titles of my books are as follows:

          Course of Action
          Coffee Sonata
          Sheridan’s Fate
          September Canvas
          Fierce Overture
          Speed Demons

Supreme Constellations Series:
                  Protector of the Real – Book 1
                  Rebel’s Quest – Book 2
                  Warrior’s Valor – Book 3
                  Pirate’s Fortune – Book 4
Change Horizon’s – a sci fi novella anthology:
                  Oracle’s Destiny
                  The Queen and the Captain
                  The Dawning

My next novel comes out in February, 2014 – it’s called “The Blush Factor.”

I also write fan fiction, most commonly “Devil Wears Prada,” “Star Trek Voyager,” and “The Closer.” I post my stories – both longer ones and short stories – at fanfiction.net, redheadgrrl1960’s LiveJournal, and some stories are availalbe at Archive of Our Own.

I live with my spouse of 32 years, our two dogs, Jarmo (German Shepherd mix) and Seven (black Labrador Retriever) and currently our grown up son. Our daughter lives just north of us with her family of husband and five children and a Rottweiler. My children and the grandchildren are the apples of my eye, of course, and they are all such a loving bunch, including the person who stood by me through thick and thin.

I travel a lot to the US, where I have my extended family by choice. I have my best friend there and a couple of super-wonderful friends that I share the writing process with. Here at home, my best friends are the ones I meet once a month in the book circle.

I come from a really small family and now that both mom and dad are no longer with us, my brother and I try to have quality talks/meetings as often as possible. We do live 200 kilometers apart, so it is not as often as I would prefer, but we have a great relationship, no matter how often or seldom we do get together.

I live with Multiple Sclerosis since 1991 (probably longer, perhaps even since 1982) and I’m occasionally in a wheel chair. I use a Permobil (4 wheels) when I take out the dogs for long walks or runs. When my legs are reasonably okay, I use a walker in stores and so on. I don’t mind talking about it, so if you have specific questions regarding this aspect of my life, don’t hesitate to write me.
gun.brooke at gmail.com

I sometimes get asked about my hobbies/interests: writing (duh! LOL), music, movies, polymer clay, other crafts, computers, tech-stuff, Internet, digital art, web page design, interior decorating…etc.

I hope you will enjoy the blog as it grows. It will have things from different aspects of my life, so all bets are off.




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