Polymer Clay and Silver Art Clay

Speaking of having time for hobbies…one of my favorite things to do now, besides writing, of course, is polymer clay. I’m not always happy with the result, but lately, I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and managed to do things that I haven’t readily seen someone else do – at least not EXACTLY.
I asked Elon what he wanted me to do for him, and his first request was a silver slider with a sort of Thor’s Hammer on it.

2013-10-23 21.29.31

Elon’s Thor’s Hammer glider in real silver.

Elon’s Bear Tooth

The next idea he came up with – after I showed him some marble technique – was for me to make him a dinosaur tooth. Ahem. Well, I think I like more to think it’s a bear’s tooth – even if it is huge. 🙂 I added some real silver to it, thinking we could pretend we dug it from the ground and some ancient shaman had made it way back when…yes, I know, I have more imagination than what’s good for me!
Here are some more project’s I’ve done/am working on!


Marbled bead


Marbled ring


Marbled ring


Silk Flower Pendant


Five marbled pendants


More teeth. These are going to be earrings. Not for Elon do. Not his thing. 🙂


Misc marbled pendants


Porcelain like beads and ring – made from polymer clay canes.


Faux onyx after a tutorial I saw on YouTube. That place is a goldmine for learning just about ANYTHING!


I went through a sheep and lamb phase. The ones with purple wool are pendant and earrings, the other two are just ornaments.



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