OK – More Organizing

Honestly – my family is probably dead sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about nifty and smart organizing ideas. I claim they just don’t see the bigger picture. If we, who live in a very small house, can organize everything to have it’s designated place (preferably labeled!) then we can use all that energy we spend on “putting this thing-a-ma-bob here for now” only to have to move said thing-a-ma-bob to yet another temporary location in a day or two, on something else! LIke having fun, writing, spending time with the dogs, indulging in our hobbies, have a nap…you know?

Well I spent the better part of a day last week to refit this pull-out-carriage for a cabinet from IKEA into a cabinet that wasn’t from IKEA. I figured there was a standard when it came to what a kitchen cabinet looked on the inside…oh was I wrong or was I wrong?`Well, I managed to persuade the IKEA part that it did fit in the non-IKEA cabinet – measured, drilled, damn near dislocated a shoulder, trying to reach into a 20 cm wide cabinet (approx 7.8 inches) to attach screws. Now the dogs treats have a home and below, the Sodastream (Wassermax) bottles have a home also. 🙂


I love how neat this looks. 


And I love how the dogs just know perfectly well where to beg and what cabinet to look at! *heehee*


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